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The Association of Friends of the Disabled “Movement for Change” is a Non-Profit Association founded in 2010. Our aim is to propose and create something different, something equal in the field of caring for disabled persons. Founded by a small group of university graduates experienced in disabled care, we soon grew with the addition of more and more volunteers who share our desire to help people with disabilities.

At the center of our multifaceted action is the Creative Activity Center for Disabled Persons, which provides its services to 35 service users on a daily basis. At the same time, we organize entertainment, awareness and information events on a local and wider level. We also work closely with universities and medical institutions and organizations for purposes of knowledge and experience exchange as well as expert scientific support.

Our Association is carefully structured, comprised of an administrative board, multidisciplinary team, volunteer groups as well as parents and friends of people with disabilities. We want to live in a society that embraces all of its members and gives top priority to human rights, with no exceptions. We believe in equal opportunities and basic rights for all, regardless of who they are.


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Our Aims


Providing Knowledge and Skills

The Creative Activity Center includes more than 20 different workshops. We work on a one-on-one basis, adapting each program and activity to the skills, background and preferences of each service user.


Offering Entertainment and Promoting Socialization

Through our daily program, activities and events, we enable people with disabilities to express themselves, communicate and create. This way, they have valid proof that they are active, vital parts of our big group of friends.


Enabling Integration into Society

We encourage service users to take part in vocational programs, so that people with disabilities are brought into contact with the rules and responsibilities of an employee. Our programs also inform society on issues of disability through actions and events in schools, festivals and public spaces.


Providing Family Support

We help families in their effort to support family members with disabilities through a number of means. We provide advice and training to parents and friends, remaining as a point of contact for support and advice.


Taking Innovative Action

Ever since our foundation, we have been devoted to upgrading disabled care and activities. We follow academic developments, introduce new methods and work closely with reputable scientific and educational institutions.


Creating a More Equal Society

We want to live in a world that is open to everyone. Through our actions, we learn, teach and spread cooperation, respect and solidarity, ultimately seeking to create a world devoid of discrimination and exclusion.



In 2012, we rented a two-story, roomy space in the Toumba area of Thessaloniki. We took special care to ensure facilities follow all necessary requirements and guidelines to safely and effectively host people with disabilities. At the same time, we wanted to make sure our space reflects our ideals and differentiates from the often colorless and cold rooms of the institutions. Friendly and colorful, our facilities are filled with smiles every day.
There are three workshop rooms, one amphitheater, relaxation areas, a kitchen, a physical exercise room, disabled toilets and a garden. We want our space to welcome visitors with open arms, make them feel comfortable and give them all that they deserve: safety, inspiration, knowledge, entertainment.

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Since the inception of our Association, we have been working closely with prestigious educational institutions and organizations
for purposes of knowledge and experience exchange and scientific support.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

We have a two-way collaboration with the largest university in Thessaloniki. Moreover, we provide training to education and special education students.


University of Macedonia

We have a contract with the University of Macedonia and collaborate closely with some of its professors, who supervise our daily activities. We also collaborate on conferences to promote the qualitative scientific enrichment of our services and program.


Bios Coop

We work with AIESEC – the largest international non-governmental organization for young people in the world – for purposes of volunteer work exchange.


ACT - American College of Thessaloniki

Our collaboration with the American College of Thessaloniki includes a student exchange program which saw American students from Boston join our team, completing a thesis paper and acquiring volunteer experience.


Anatolia College

We visit Anatolia College high school to promote awareness and inform students. We also deliver disability simulation activities and accept students into our programs.


Metropolitan College of Thessaloniki

We provide placement training to the College’s students.


Bios Coop

As part of our cooperation with Bios COOP, disabled service users are employed in a safe, controlled environment, in an attempt to fully integrate these persons into society.



We would like to extend our warmest thanks to our supporters – institutions, organizations and businesses 
who, believing in our values and trusting in our potential, have offered us their invaluable contributions.

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Legal Framework

“Δράση για το Κάτι Άλλο/Action for Something More” Association of Friends of the Disabled is a Not-for-Profit Society. The Association was founded on April 9th, 2010 with decision no 1184 of the Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki, Greece and registration number 8905. Its seat and offices are at 30 Vithinias Street, Thessaloniki, Greece. It performs a social function and does not belong to any political, religious or ideological parties or groups. The Association provides support to disabled persons and their families.

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