How to support us

Donate some time

Every year that goes by, our big group of friends gets even bigger. We are happy to have over 100 active volunteers in our midst. They are all people with a will to create and share positivity. If you also want to volunteer and become one of us, come support our common values!


Donate items or money

As a not-for-profit Association, we rely on our friends and volunteers to ensure our smooth functioning. Maintaining our facilities and supporting our activities demands material and financial support. Don’t throw your items away, donate them!


Your donation in action!

Even a small sum is a big gesture. A slightly bigger sum can work small miracles.
Read on for an example of how we can put your donation to good use.


is enough to cover supplies for one workshop, to whet the creative appetite and open up new possibilities!


covers our weekly needs in office and art supplies, contributing to creative expression through art.


buys cleaning and personal care products to allow us to maintain good hygiene in our facilities – and keep them clean for a full month.


covers the functioning of the Creative Activity Center for one month and supports “Movement for Change.”





Nobody’s excluded
from the world we’re building




Material Donations

If you want to help our Association as an individual or a business,
our needs are not only financial.



Our workshops require supplies depending on their subject matter: arts and crafts supplies, gardening tools and so on. We also require cleaning supplies to uphold our high standards of hygiene in our facilities. Make a contribution to creative expression today!



Technology is important in our activities, in terms of functionality and effectiveness. Help us by offering computers, scanners and copiers, USB sticks, hard drives, cameras, laptops and anything else you may not need.



ΕπειWe like learning by playing! Feel free to donate used or new educational, memory and board games and toys, jigsaw puzzles, balls, exercise mats, inlay toys and more.



Service users spend a lot of time in our facilities every day. You can help us provide them with snacks, juices, soft drinks, sweets, nuts and more.



Our Association is supervised by the Social Welfare Directorate
of the Social Services Department of the Region of Central Macedonia.


In our workshops, we make unique hand-made bomboniere. 
Support our Association by commissioning bombonieres for your special event.




Join our world!

Our volunteers

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Many have completed special education and disability studies. Others were inspired by people with disabilities who happen to be part of their family or group of friends. Even more of our volunteers simply felt the need to contribute to society’s betterment, putting some of their free time to use in a productive, meaningful way.

More than 100 active volunteers are part of the activities of the “Movement for Change” Association of Friends of the Disabled. We are a large group of friends full of love. We support each other and work as a team – volunteers and service users alike. We offer volunteers a chance to see their values and love distilled into actions.

Volunteer Integration Stages

ΗAs a new volunteer, your integration will be gradual, planned, substantial.  
It will be completed in four basic stages.



Make the first move by coming to meet us. During your first visit you will have the chance to tour our facilities and find out about the way we work and the part volunteers play here.

Participatory Observation

Go one step further. By becoming an active participant, you will have the chance to interact with our staff and service users and feel the joy of offering your support.

Gradual Involvement

Get active! Your daily support of service users will gradually become more independent. Your involvement in all activities is now even more crucial.

Full Integration

Take initiative. You now play an active role in organizing and implementing activities. You can take part in volunteer meetings, where you are free to make your own proposals.

To volunteer is to distil your love into actions

  • "Here, you feel very strongly that you are contributing. And that is reciprocated in a way – with a smile, with a hug… And you experience many, many carefree and happy moments."


    Christina – Educator, member of our Association

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