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Creative Activity Center for the Disabled

At the heart of our multifaceted action is the Creative Activity Center for People with Disabilities, which hosts about 35 service users on a daily basis. We have developed the program to correspond to four fundamental fields of an individual’s development: cognitive skills, prevocational training, artistic expression and social skills.

Individuals with disabilities have the same needs as non-disabled people: education, entertainment, socialization, creativity. In order to satisfy these needs, we have developed and equipped our facilities, dividing our space into function rooms and workshops. Trained volunteers support users closely during the entire program, creating with them, helping them and standing by them. Our main goal is to provide equal opportunities and help integrate people with disabilities into society as equal members.

20 Creative Workshops

Cognitive Skills

Simulating social situations





Computer skills

Home Economics



Artistic Expression

Visual Art


Bomboniere making

Clay pottery/clay molding

Soap making

Jewelry making

Group Activities


Traditional Folk Dancing

Group games

Theater education

Traffic education



Our plans for the future include creating a space to host people with disabilities. Here, they will be able to spend a night or day, also taking part in our program.

The daily program of the boarding house will include development activities and exercises to promote self-servicing as part of independent living. Service users will also participate in the rest of our programs.

To make this dream a reality, we are reaching out to society, individuals and businesses who value diversity and respect their fellow men and women.

Therapy Dogs

We are proud to have “Therapy Dogs” under our supervision and support. Therapy Dogs is a team of qualified volunteers and trained dogs who offer pet therapy services to socially vulnerable groups.

The Therapy Dogs volunteers visit our facilities on a regular basis, bringing along their furry friends to provide our service users with companionship, fun and games. Our common goal is to improve the wellbeing of people with disabilities through contact with specially trained dogs, a practice proven to improve their mental health, mood and skills.


Promoting Awareness

We offer people the opportunity to become aware of disability issues and discover what they can do to help with issues of disability, diversity and inclusion.


Visiting educational institutions and groups

Visiting schools and organized groups, we provide information and present our activities. Through experiential disability simulation activities and a variety of educational games, we allow pupils and students to experience life from a disabled individual’s point of view and fully comprehend the challenges such a life involves.


Inviting students and educators to our facilities

Pupils, students and educators visit our facilities to meet our volunteers and service users and actively participate in our programs. This provides meaningful interaction with a world previously unknown to them and first-hand evidence of how much mutual support and help can improve society


Actively participating in events to raise awareness

We take part in a wide range of events in the local and wider area in an effort to raise awareness and inform society for our activities. From seminars and conferences to neighborhood celebrations and festivals, we seek to correct any and all false impressions people have of the disabled

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